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SAP ByDesign Malaysia

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IT Training

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As part of our new training department, we have started to pass on our hands on knowledge to those who are interested.

Our first training will be focused on SAP since its in demand lately. Below are our available trainings

  1. SAP Training Malaysia
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You can get FREE IT Support if you sign up for a 12 months contract to one of our IT Support Packages. FREE IT Support allows you the same terms and conditions as your original monthly contract. In essence, we will continue to provide our IT Support Service to you on the 13th month without sending you the bill. After which you can continue to subscribe to our IT Support Packages.

Visit our IT Support Contact page to get Free IT Support.

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We offer a full suite of mobile device services and Smart Phone Support designed to help you select the right Smartphone or Tablet, along with a service plan to meet your needs.  We can:


  1. Help you understand the many mobile device options.
  2. Select and order the right phone/tablet for yourself or your department.
  3. Setup a new device to sync with your email accounts.
  4. Teach you how to use your device.
  5. Troubleshoot of smartphone or tablet related issues.





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